Friday, October 31, 2008

In Solidarity

(That's the most NDP-ish thing I've written since I worked for a labour union, btw.)

During my admittedly short time in the Liberal and progressive blogospheres, I've come to respect the one known as Red Tory.

Today, Red drew his line in the sand with Liblogs. I don't blame him, and this post is notice that I too want to be removed from the Liblogs roll. In fact, even if they do boot Lib4ever, I don't want back in.

UPDATE: I wondered why my traffic from Liblogs was so little. My blog isn't on the list over there. I guess dumping Cherniak from my blogroll when he started going off about Liberal Israel policy and who could be a candidate got me deleted from Liblogs. I still stand by what I wrote. And I've deleted the link on my profile.